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By Da Clothing

Chamomile Dark Skater Skirt

Chamomile Dark Skater Skirt

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The soft fabric and flared cut of this skater skirt are just a few of the reasons why it's bound to become a favorite in your wardrobe. The flattering silhouette looks great on any body type, and thanks to the elastic waistband, you'll feel extra comfy. This Miniskirt made of 82% polyester, 18% spandex and now available in Bonotee.


My lady often teases me, about her wild hair style
Something she often likens, to a hill of chamomile.
But I always tell her, she can tease and tease and tease
But she is right up there, with cows and dogs and trees.
I’m very fond of cattle, I love their bovine grace
Their slow deep wisdom and their relaxed and easy pace.
Oh dogs, don’t you love them? They are so pleasurable to please
Why, they are right up there, with my girl and cows and trees.
And trees are oh so special, slow growing but oh so giving
Among the very oldest things that are on this planet living.
Without them we would be in caves, no building without logs
Why, they are right up there, with my girl and cows and dogs.
So my lady do not feel, that I would take you lightly,
My love for you is warm and strong, you make me feel quite sprightly
You do not need to worry about the where’s and why’s and how’s,
Why you are right up there in my heart, with trees and dogs and cows.

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XS (cm) 64 90
S (cm) 68 94
M (cm) 72 98
L (cm) 80 106
XL (cm) 88 114
2XL (cm) 96 122
3XL (cm) 104 130
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