Artist Margin

As a selling independent artist, it’s important to get familiar with the way pricing and payments work in the BONOTEE marketplace. The following article should shed some light on topics like:

  • Base Price
  • Artist Margin
  • Retail Price

Base Price

The Base Price covers BONOTEE's service fee and the cost of manufacturing. 

Base prices vary because they rely on delivery addresses. This is to take advantage of local production, material costs, and taxes relative to various artists’, production, and delivery countries. Changing your delivery address at checkout could very well change the total.

Please note that currency and cost constantly fluctuate, so base prices can alter occasionally.


Artist Margin

The Artist Margin show how much you make off of a sale, the markup being the percentage of the base price and the margin being the actual dollar amount.


Retail Price

The base price and artist margin combine to create the retail price, which is the price you see per product across the Redbubble website.

For example: Large framed art prints going to the US have a base price of US$125.00.

You set a 20% markup for large framed art prints. 20% of the $125 base prices means you get an artist margin of $25.00.

$125 base price + $25 artist margin makes for $150 retail price.